Tuesday, October 7, 2014

When a rabbi embraces that he is gay.

A prominent friend and colleague announced publicly today that he is a gay man. He is lovingly divorcing with his wife - another friend and colleague - and his Congregation has given him their full support for him to remain as their rabbi.

We have come so far.  We must allow every person to recognize and welcome who they really are.  God's creation of people is so varied, so diverse... finally we see a time when fear and prejudice do not rule the day.

I am proud of the Conservative movement's advances in the past 30 years, and that this can happen so beautifully - albeit poignantly and painfully for my friends on their most human level. But the discovery and embrace of truth is always sacred, and this is especially so.

May these two rabbis, their family, friends and congregation all be blessed for a sweet new year.

Please read this remarkable announcement.