Thursday, December 3, 2020

Ranking President Donald Trump Among his 43 Peers

 I am starting a pool.

C-span does a Presidents Historians' Survey, rating the past presidents of the USA based on [public persuasion, crisis leadership, economic management, moral authority, international relations, administrative skills, relations with congress, vision/agenda setting, pursuing equal justice for all, and performance within the context of times].
From number 1-44, where do you think THEY will rank Trump? I expect their first survey by the end of 2021.
I will save the post on my blog and award a prize to the one who comes closest!
When you guess your number, please also post the president above and below on their list.
I am guessing 36th, between Martin Van Buren and Chester A. Arthur.



President's Name2017 Final ScoresOverall Rankings
Abraham Lincoln907111
George Washington868223
Franklin D. Roosevelt855332
Theodore Roosevelt807444
Dwight D. Eisenhower745589
Harry S. Truman737655
Thomas Jefferson727777
John F. Kennedy722868
Ronald Reagan69191011
10 Lyndon B. Johnson687101110
11 Woodrow Wilson6831196
12 Barack Obama66912NANA
13 James Monroe646131414
14 James K. Polk637141212
15 William J. Clinton634151521
16 William McKinley627161615
17 James Madison610172018
18 Andrew Jackson609181313
19 John Adams604191716
20 George H. W. Bush596201820
21 John Quincy Adams590211919
22 Ulysses S. Grant557222333
23 Grover Cleveland540232117
24 William Howard Taft528242424
25 Gerald R. Ford509252223
26 Jimmy Carter506262522
26 Calvin Coolidge506272627
28 Richard M. Nixon486282725
29 James A. Garfield481292829
30 Benjamin Harrison462303031
31 Zachary Taylor458312928
31 Rutherford B. Hayes458323326
33 George W. Bush4563336NA
34 Martin Van Buren450343130
35 Chester A. Arthur446353232
36 Herbert Hoover416363434
37 Millard Fillmore394373735
38 William Henry Harrison383383937
39 John Tyler372393536
40 Warren G. Harding360403838
41Franklin Pierce315414039
42 Andrew Johnson275424140
43 James Buchanan245434241