Tuesday, December 13, 2011

7 Days to Chanukah

With Chanukah rapidly bearing down on us, I recommend that you go shopping not just for presents, but for a few noble ideas to share.

Each night we follow the lighting of the candles with the declaration al ha-nisim that God has indeed performed miracles for our ancestors at this time of year.  Dedicate the first night to "Miracles."  What miracles have you already experienced in your life?  What miracles do you yet hope for?

And then, as we light the candles, we proclaim hanerot halalu anachnu madlikim - These candles which we light tonight are dedicated solely to our appreciation.  We do not use them for other purpse, even to read by.  Dedicate your second night to "Appreciation."

Other high ideals of the Chanukah holiday include Emunah- - Belief, Cheirut - Freedom, G'vurah - Heroism, 'Or - Light, Ahavat Am Yisrael - Love for the People of Israel, Shleimut/Shalom - Peace and Wholeness.

I am sure you can find your own.  Make each night its own miracle as you celebrate the growing light amidst the darkness.

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