Thursday, March 24, 2016

MPAC's toolkit for Muslims against Terrorism

I continue to be astounded by the stereotyping of Muslims as terrorists. While the single most vile terrorist trend in the world today is certainly the terrorism that is found within Islam, one must be more level headed than to declare Islam and Muslims to be terrorists.

I encourage you, for example, to go to this Toolkit against Terrorism for American Muslims by American Muslims.  Published by the Muslim Public Affairs Council, its purpose is to take the Homeland Security Enterprise to the Muslim community through a patriotic Muslim American voice.  This is not propaganda for you and me to read.  It is a sincere effort to build the Muslim case against terrorism and violence, and to teach the values of "See Something, Say Something."

Remember, in Brussles the arrest of Salah Abdeslam (the "mastermind" of the Paris attack and leader of the Brussles terrorist cell) was the result of a tip from within the Muslim community.  It was this arrest that seems to have scared the cell into launching their subway and airport attacks unprepared.  They left behind vital information and materials in their apartment, didn't plan the transportation of luggage effectively, dropped a fully functional laptop in a garbage can where it was discovered, and didn't have a third trigger manufactured for the third bomb in the airport.  While their attack was horrific, it was rushed and sloppy, because a Muslim did the right thing by Islam and tipped off the authorities.

Of course, the argument goes, that the bombers were living in open sight with arrest warrents on their heads.  Why didn't friends or family turn them in?

If you see something, say something.  Islam in America has found roots to flourish as a peaceful and democratic religion.  Materials like the MPAC's guide are not the exception, but they get very little press.  That's okay.  Let's hope that they work.

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