Monday, April 29, 2019

How does Never Again become Yet Again?

In memory of Lori Gilbert Kaye, z"l, who will be buried today according to our customs, after being senselessly murdered by an AntiSemitic white supremacist on Saturday in the Chabad of Poway, CA.

With prayers of refua'ah shleimah - full healing of body for Rabbi Yisroel Goldstein, Almog Peretz, and 9 year old Noya Dahan, wounded in the attack. And with prayers of refu'at hanefesh, healing of the spirit to all who are terrorized by this act of violent hatred against Jews everywhere.

Tree of Life Rabbi Jeffrey Myers said Saturday, “My words of ‘never again’ have disappeared from my language.  They’ve been replaced with ‘yet again.’ And so it is that we stand here yet again at this corner as one united community.” The rabbi and his community also suffered a violent murderous attack against his synagogue in the fall, and now we have become.... what?

The number and scope of the public reaction is less.  That is a simple fact.  There are fewer vigils, fewer gatherings, fewer letters and comments of support, fewer shocked faces, and fewer tears. All of these are happening, but are more muted.  What are we becoming?  How fast to we "get used to" hate and violence?

Reading 8chan, the unmonitored websites that this shooter used to post his vitriol, it is clear that there are many more like him.  Comments include disappointment that he killed so few, anger that he didn't train better, mockery that he fled and worse. 

There must be no "normalization" of this hatred and violence.  The horror shock and anger of Pittsburgh must be held even higher today after Poway.  

More to follow.

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