Monday, May 16, 2022

The Hate Continues: "Replacement" and the Anti-History Killers

I have written often over the past 5 years of the growth of the online community of White Supremacists who hate all Jews, all Muslims and anyone who is not "white" who dares to live in this country.  .

Today we focus on the racist murder of 10 black Americans in Buffalo for no reason but white supremacist hatred of black people. It is human evil and deserves absolute rejection by every person  of any background.


Race itself is largely a social construct, without serious biological credence.  But there are cultures of racial identity and historical legacies of race that matter. Racial superiority is a myth held by groups of people who seek power and privilege without merit or personal achievement. They assert that they are  born to rule. The idea that "white" people have a predestined right to remain racially pure and in charge of this country is arrogant, ignorant and dangerous.  It must be left in the dustbin of history.

The hatred of Blacks, immigrants and non-Christians described by these racists in terms of the "14 words" is summarized by "replacement theory."  The idea is that the sweep of history towards a multiracial and multicultural world, which is the natural outcome of freedom, civil liberty and democracy, is instead a nefarious plot by scheming elites (often "Jews" in their fantasy) to destroy white identity and culture.  Historically they hate and degrade black people in this country with intensity.

The Replacement Theory "lone wolf" attacker slowly develops their extremist ideology over time. They believe that igniting a race war that will overturn the political rule of democracy in favor of a return to an earlier day in US History when blacks and other minorities were refused basic civil liberties and the vote.  They are willing and able to kill and die in service of this hatred and prejudice.  And there are more of them developing every day.

When they act against their targets, they are guilty of hate crimes.  While hatred is a protected free speech right, acting on that hatred through violence, harassment or intimidation is illegal in most states, including New Jersey.

When they believe they can change the government through those acts, they are domestic terrorists.  The use of violence, threat of violence, or intimidation to cause fear against civilians with the purpose of illegal governmental change, is terrorism.  

With the growth of online silos and echo chambers of hate, the manifestos of racist murderers now form a self-reflective genre of lies to affirm the worst fantasies of the weak minded.  This week we saw it in an 18 year old from rural Conklin, New York (near Binghamton) who spent several years in high school fantasizing about mass murder and violence, only to follow through with the massacre of 10 innocent civilians in a racist rampage at a supermarket in Buffalo NY.  Next week may be another.

All good people of conscience must speak out and leave no silence to empower those who would  kill for their prejudicial ambition.

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