Thursday, November 5, 2020

Welcoming the Lawsuits

As our President has made tremendous accusations of widespread conspiracy and fraud against the election process, I have a simple answer:  Bring forward the evidence in every court of law you wish.  I welcome it sincerely, because I care about the integrity of our elections above all else.

The electoral process is more important than any person, candidate, party or position.

Bring the evidence, which I welcome in court.  Get to the bottom of every credible accusation of fraud.  Not in the media, nor in the political spin rooms of cable t.v.  Bring it forward, and let the legal system decide.

In the meantime, not every accusation is worthy of being covered in the news.  Allowing anyone, without evidence, to use the pulpit of their office to manipulate the media into covering accusations without evidence is unacceptable.

The news is not required to cover everything anyone says.  They have an ethical responsibility to screen what they hear for evidence and plausibility.  Cover the possible and the plausible, when it exists.  The rest is unworthy of our attention.

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